Role: Art Director
May - October 2016
Release: TBD

Biota is a PC Simulation game from Fiddle Earth Media in which players control natural disasters and geological events to effect the evolution of creatures. As art director, I worked closely with artists to establish a consistent art style for the project, as well as designers and programmers to implement the style in-game.  Below is a sample of the guidelines I created to develop the style and communicate it to other members of the team.

Creatures You Might Meet in Biota

Creatures You Might Meet (CYMM) was a short Twitter campaign/Youtube process video series developed to create awareness for Biota's diverse population of creatures among our followers.  The series also helped define important characteristics for creatures and encouraged team members to think critically about every aspect of a creature's design; from the thickness of fur to the number of legs.  Biota is built on the core principal that every feature a creature evolves serves some function in the world.  Only the most successful mutations can survive long enough to breed.  So what creatures might you meet in Biota?

All creatures in Biota are constructed out of simple building-block pieces that could be stretched and adjusted by controlling blendshapes according to a creature's attributes.  To the right is a sample of the kinds of creatures in Biota. Though the body shapes vary greatly from one model to the next, the legs, necks, heads, eyes and all other body parts each contain the same number of corresponding vertices, each controlled by a blendshape model. 

Players are encouraged to explore the world at different levels of detail; giving them the ability to control large macro-events on the planet like continental drift, as well as small habitat-centric events such as volcano activity. To the right is a zoom-tier visualization used to conceptualize the view from the camera at incremental levels of detail.

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