Role: Illustrator/Graphic Designer
Date: December 2016-Ongoing
Xtronaut Enterprises

Constellations is a science-based tabletop board game from Xtronaut; an educational games company.  This game features the science of the night sky, from identifying the stellar spectrum to the placement of stars within well-known constellations in our skies.  My role in the development of this game was to bring the project to life with unique illustrations and graphic design.  This included all contents from the box design and cards, to promotional artwork for Kickstarter and marketing, as well as the design for a backer-exclusive mission Patch. Below is a collection of some of the designs featured in the game.

he Kickstarter is currently Live!  Check it out here.

Box Contents:

  • 36 Constellation Cards
  • 72 Star Cards
  • 34 Point Tokens
  • Rules & Educational Workbook
  • Kickstarter Exclusive Mission Patch

Information side of Constellation Cards

Art side of Capricornus and Sagittarius Constellation Cards

Art side of Ophiucus and Lupus Constellation Cards

Playtesters at the Unpub Convention in Baltimore

Game featured at UPub 2017!

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