Started in 2013, TotemHead began as a collaborative effort of the Penn State Game Developer's Club.  After graduation I continued the project to continue fleshing out characters, mechanics and environments. I now use the world of Totemhead to experiment with world-building techniques, concept development, and other design skills. Here is a collection of my favorite and most notable pieces developed for TotemHead.

TotemHead tells the story of a small, icy village in an undisclosed tundra location. The village shaman foresees  great tragedy about to befall upon the village, and so calls upon TotemHead, a supposed God, to help. Unfortunately, TotemHead has no idea why he has been summoned to Earth, and isn't the all-knowing intervention the villagers were hoping for.  The player controls TotemHead as he explores the village and surrounding area in the hopes of uncovering and preventing the impending doom.

The project was originally developed as a 3D sidescroller/point-and-click adventure genre mash-up.  I developed a few in-game assets for Unity in 3D (Below).  The rendered image shows TotemHead encountering a wolf, as the core mechanic of the game was navigating a maze in order to communicate with the various lifeforms of the forest and surrounding area.

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